Theatre 99

These guys are hilarious and i am extremely proud to call them close friends. Brandy, Gregg, Timmy and the voice, Sean are top shelf comedians and improv pros whom i know. There, i said it. I know them. Theatre 99 is 20 years old this year and one of the most successful improv theaters in the country. They do their own thing year round but during last week in May and the first week in June, they produce Piccolo Fringe: a showcase of up and coming comedians, improv pros, story tellers and some of the most innovative and irreverent comedy in the universe(as far as we know). For many years, i have been working with Brandy and Gregg to create the Piccolo Fringe poster — here are a few for your perusal — that means viewing pleasure.

Poster design and illustration
Primary and secondary logos, patterns, color palette, illustration
Printer: Various