Town of Mount Pleasant, SC

The Town of Mount Pleasant, SC wanted a new, fresh identity to keep our growing, little metropolis vibrant and attractive to businesses, families and tourists. Being a municipality, they sent out a RFP (request for proposal) for a Strategic Marketing and Branding plan – we (GSGD) put together a team consisting of The McNair Group (research), Foster Marketing and Public Relations, Blue Ion (interactive) and us of course. We were awarded the contract and created a logo/identity that was backed up by extensive research that provided Mt Pleasant with direction for future marketing.  It was a six month project that culminated in the presentation of the new identity and plan.  Needless to say, the town council was very pleased and voted unanimously for the brand. Since then, we developed graphic standards, ad campaigns and various collateral material. We are very proud of this mark since this is our town and have truly enjoyed a great relationship with Mayor Billy Swails and worked very closely with Ashley Richardson and Eric DeMoura–they are the best. Thanks guys.

mt.p-rec-logos biz-inc-sign-1 biz-inc-sign-2 MP-CVB-full-page MP-gateway3 MP-gateway4 MP-southern-liv-stew mt-p-sign-1 MTP-bus.cardsMount-Pleasant-Construction-signs