the worlds greatest bathroom

i found it. the holy grail of bathrooms. some folks think the greatest bathroom is all about comfort, fancyness, and beauty. but we all know it is about reading material. this bathroom is special. and it is in mount pleasant. if anyone out there can tell me where it is, i will give you a free paperback for your own throne. give it to me.

5 Responses to the worlds greatest bathroom

  1. I’m just guessing but I’d bet that it’s the crapper at Sullivan’s Trade-a-Book. And I didn’t know he had a john in the store.

    • diamond dave is the winner! congrats on the grand prize of a paperback book form the great sullivans trade a book! you can pick up your prize anytime dave.

  2. Oh, c’mon Gil, you know it’s your own personal throne. You ain’t got to lie! But anyway, that’s NAAAASSSSSSTY!

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