“the paternal suit is swollen by myth and impossible to wear.”

really proud of this one. the paternal suit, a spectacular art extravaganza now showing at the halsey here in downtown charleston. once again, our good friend, mark sloan, comes through with a mind bender of a show. f. scott hess, the reknowned painter, has spent the last 10 years putting together a history of his family. go see this. his history is somewhat skewed and mostly on purpose but authenticity is at its highest. this book was a bitch, {190 pages+, 8.75 x 11.75 }but we loved every bit of it. i had big help, literally, of nate puza, our summer intern who helped me wrangle this monster and pull it together. thanks nate. go to the halsey and see the show, take your time, but buy the book so you can sit back and read about and family that is “swollen by myth and impossible to wear.” yessiree.

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