The Original ms. Roses Fine Food & Cocktails

Working on this amazing restaurant with our friends the zuckers and alicia reed at reggie gibson architects was nothing but fun and progress. we were allowed to create the largest neon sign in the history of GSGD as well as just have fun with type, materials and general cool stuff. the restaurant is comfort all the way around. food is yummy, atmosphere unique and cozy, location has parking. if in charleston, make point ot visit this place. right on!

main-sign-2 sign-3 sign-2 ms-roses-patch107 ms-rose-linear-logo ms-rose-logo-w-chas MR-stationary MR-6.25x11-cover ms.-rose's-menu-2.0-(inside) MR-2013-dessert-menu-5.5x8.5 diamond-final-art door food-1 food-2 growlers