the charleston riverdogs & the reknowned susan filley

i went to a riverdogs game thursday night and enjoyed the hell out of it. always do. they won too. really proud too. to see that logo everywhere thrills me. when we were leaving, i shot a couple pics of the porcelain mosaics that cover the corridors of the stadium. an amazing friend and artist (used to be my next door neighbor, her and dorsey) susan filley made all those panels back when the joe was under construction. i had been working on the identity of the team as well as the ballpark. the city asked me about what we could do with the squares. i talked with susan she came up with the mosaic idea, so i provided her with the art (ball players), she made each tile, glazed, constructed and installed each one. she’s good. brought back some great memories, good times, and major craziness. back in the day. so proud. go check out susans website–she is one of the top potters in the world. big time.

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