The Center For Birds of Prey

The Center for Birds of Prey is an amazing place. Everyone needs to visit and contribute money to help this place thrive. Not to mention, it has the only Oil Response Facility on the east coast. Over the years Jim Elliot has become a good friend and an advocate for how branding, architecture, and the arts can benefit a place like the Center. We are constantly trying to help Jim and his staff with materials that help the public become educated about these fantastic animals. The facility enclosures and buildings were designed by Gibson Guest Architects. Below is brief history of the Center.

Founded as Charleston Raptor Center in 1991, the Center’s name was changed to South Carolina Center for Birds of Prey in 1995 to better reflect the expanded scope of programs and services. With continued growth and program expansion, The Avian Conservaton Center was established in 2004 as an “umbrella” organization to accommodate distinctive educational, medical, scientific, and conservation divisions within the organization. The first of these initiatives are 1) The Center for Birds of Prey; 2) The Avian Medical Center; and 3) Oil Spill Response Facility. Education. Conservation, research, and medical/rehabilatitive care remain the primary areas of the Center’s work.

In 2002, Charleston attorney Joseph F. Rice became concerned about the increasing pressures imposed upon wildlife and natural habitat areas by rapidly expanding development. In response, the Rice family generously donated 152 acres in Charleston County as the future site of The Avian Conservation Center.

Following this generous gift, a $9.3 million Capital campaign was launched to fund the expansion. Thanks to support from individuals, corporate sponsors, and foundations, the initial phase of the Campaign was completed, representing more than 60% of the total. Phase II design and construction are ongoing.