RIP Norman Lorusso 1951-2014

noeman-lorussoMy longtime friend, father, husband and amazing photographer, Norman Lorusso passed away last night after a short battle with leukemia. norman was a french canadian by birth and moved to the lowcountry around the mid 80’s. i met him around that time and we collaborated on many, many projects. he was a one of kind dude, didnt take shit off nobody but also would never say a bad word about anyone. he was an eternal optimist, a lighting magician and was a relentless when it came to getting “the shot”. he never said no to any pro bono work and continued shooting and generating ideas til the end. he is survived by his amazing wife Chris, and there equally amazing children, Kai and Magenta. there will be a celebration of his life real soon, so stay posted. peace and love. g   –   ps: the photograph above was shot in 1969 in toronto, canada at the grateful dead concert from the festival express tour. norman photographed the dead during that concert – up close and personal – he was 18 at time. i will post some of those shots periodically in the coming days. he would like that. rest in peace pal.

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  1. Got to know Norman through the 90’s in Charleston. Remember him being so very generous, funny, wise, consummate professional and a true character (highest compliment)! May the knowledge of how many loved and respected him help assuage your grief.

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  3. I first meet Norman Larusso in the early 1990’s at some type of artistic event. Then later, I met him again at a social event at Gil Shulers home. We played guitars together there and I got to know him better. In the year 2005 I was honored to work with him on a few wedding gigs as a videographer. He was very knowledgable in photography (an artist for sure) and a fantastic person. I will truly miss him.

  4. I remember those 2 little boys (François and Normand) growing up in Montreal beside their big half-brother Michel Lalande, who became may brother-in-law, married to my sister Lise and still married for 50 years now….these 2 very active boys were very special and loved. Last time we saw Normand was in Montreal many years ago. But Normand used to call his brother Michel once-in-while….all our condoléances go to his Wife and kids, that I met once. These two brothers died way too young !

  5. Norman and his equally sweet and amazing drummer brother Frank “Yum-Yum” LoRusso were my friends during my 1968-71 Toronto years. Norm and I were briefly shared a tiny rental room, and he sometimes helped out with my roadie tasks for the great band Milkwood.

    Norm was a sweet guy, fun and serious at the same time, played some nice stuff on his Hammond B3 organ, and we just generally enjoyed each others’ company.

    I tried to email him several times in 2014, unaware of his passing. I am SO sad that we never got to see each other again — he will ALWAYS be in my heart and memory.

    Unfortunately, when I was happily reconnected with Norm around 2009, we never discussed his photos of Milkwood — copies of which I and the bandmembers would have loved to have as very few exist. If Gil or any of Norm’s family happen to know of any such photos, please do let me know!

  6. I knew Norman and Yum Yum in the late 60’s, much the same way Dave Mandel describes….music, photography, friendship. I’m glad I missed the feet but I may have not noticed, so dazzled I was by his beautiful smile and friendly (and often cheeky) personality. Norman took some lovely photos of me in 1969 and 1970, that I still treasure. I have some photos that he took of my (late) daughter Siobhain, and of Louis McKelvey as well. There are a few of Milkwood and Influence too.
    I spoke with Norman frequently by telephone 2012 – 2014 – we were reunited after many years because of journalist Nick Warburton’s research. When I stopped hearing from him, I learned from Malcolm Berry that he had passed away. He was sad about his estrangement from his family whom he loved so much, and had moved to Oakland Florida. He told me he had weathered a liver transplant a few years before, and felt that he was ready for a journey to Toronto. His spirit will be at rest now but he is missed. With love, Rosemary

  7. J’ai bien connu Norm dans les années 60 – 70… Et je viens juste d’apprendre son décès… So sad…
    Mes amitiées a sa famille et amis

  8. Norman Lo Russo was a soul brother, Yum-Yum’s brother whom he absolutely worshiped & adored. Though they were miles apart in distance, the “Flying Lo Russo Brothers” were as tight as can be. Frank Lo Russo and I spent the last 7 years of his life together until his death in September of 1997. Often called “Yum-Yum” by his close friends, Frank cherished the times he had with his younger brother when Norman visited us in the country. Norman was so creative and always generous with his time and devotion to family and friends. He adored his wife, Chris as well as his kids, Magenta & Kai. He was a proud and adoring guy, constantly and unconditionally helping others. He was a great artist and very emotional too.

    The last 3 weeks of Norman’s big brother’s suffering from liver cancer, Norman & I shared this time devoting ourselves to Frank. It was indeed a very rough ride for all of us but there was always harmony and peace among us devoting all our efforts to Yum’s comfort. Side by side, Norman & I developed a close friendship and love as family. It was a tragic day for us on September 15th. 1997 when Frank succumbed, sitting up between me and Norm on the couch. But somehow there was also magic that day as Frank lay his head on his brother’s shoulder to his right and he and I holding hands on his left. Norman and I shared our loss together, weeping in our joy that Frank was finally at rest. I will never forget that awakening experience that brought me to the heights of love for Norman who arranged an amazing funeral displaying Frank’s painting & photos and hosting just the kind of party Yum wanted.

    Over the many years, Norman & I have communicated here & there. He sent me pictures of some of Yum’s paintings and creations over the time they grew up together and beyond. I cherish these mementos. I was so sad to learn of Norman’s passing. He was a great guy!! Rest In Peace Norman Lo Russo. You are sadly missed.

  9. I remember Norman, from Montreal. Used to hang out with him on Cresent Street in Montreal. Great fun, he was indeed a fantastic pbotograpber, will never forget him, I am so sorry to hear of his passing, and very sad, He was too young. R.I.P. Norman you vere very loved.

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