Redbone Alley

In 1993, Dale Barth opened the first Redbone Alley Restaurant & Bar in Florence, SC.  The restaurant took off.  Lines formed and critics ate it up.  The restaurant immediately realized a profit and a 100% return on investment in just 60 months. Named after Barth’s daughter’s Red Bone coon hound, each restaurant offers an extensive bar, live entertainment and a clothing line featuring the Redbone Alley hound. The food is fresh and innovative South Carolina regional cuisine.  Closely tied to the land, sea and rivers that abound in the region, Redbone’s cuisine is influenced by hundred of years of French, Mediterranean, African, English and West Indian cooking.

Dale called us in 1992 to establish and brand for the his brainchild. Since then we have many shirts, menus, hats, additional restaurant materials and now we are deeply entrenched in the Redbone Alley Foods portion of the business where you can go to the local grocery store and get your favorite Redbone Alley ailolis, sauces, flavored butters, salsas, and many more. We consider Dale a close friend. So if you are ever passing by Florence, SC, pull off the interstate, find Redbone and enjoy some of the finest, freshest food south of the border. Buy some merch too.