Barn Jam Posters

When my friend, Eddie White called me and asked if i would do a poster for his Awendaw Green weekly barn jam, showcasing original and emerging musicians i simple said, “Hell yes!”. I have designed a new Barn Jam gig poster each week since the event’s inception in 2008. Here are just a few for your viewing pleasure. But i do have a book of a couple hundred that you can purchase right here!

Barn Jam Posters Book

I am very proud to offer my first book for sale right here. Barn Jam Posters is the story and collection of concert posters i have been designing and illustrating weekly since 2008. The Awendaw Green venue just north of Charleston, SC., has been the host of hundreds of musicians from all over the world. My debut book, pictured here, boldly presents 180 of my favorites from 2008 til present. Printed on premium Munken Lynx uncoated stock in Slovenia by one of my favorite printers, Oddi of Iceland, featuring a dustjacket printed with silver and fluorescent inks. Thanks Marteinn.