Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails is coming…

the sign is up and will soon be glowing brightly over at the soon to be open Ms. Rose’s fine Food & Cocktails. i am really proud of this one fer sure.  justin and allen at dynyse signs in atlanta did a tremendous job on the signage for me. and wait to you get a peak at the inside of the restaurant–reggie gibson and his crew (that’s you alicia) have put something together like nothing else. totally innovative, interesting, comfortable and neighborly. yall keep you eyes and ears open for when this place opens. you do not want to miss it. i will be posting more stuff soon, super proud.

6 Responses to Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails is coming…

  1. That is one sexy sign. Love the combination of the neon, metal sign and beautiful wood wall. Wish I lived closer so I could come check it out. Congrats to all involved.

  2. I love the sign and the design of the building….Its like nothing charleston has seen yet……I can. Wait to see the inside and dine here.

  3. I was not impressed and will not be back. I think the menu was pretentious for the area ,small portions,. The burgers were the size of Krystals and burnt. The AC works well…in late Oct., they play with the lights and TVs too much people in our area had to ask to turn down the AC, we asked to lower the disco music ( Sunday night 6pm) and they turned the lights off on us. This place needs help.

  4. The wooden wall reminds me of a chicken crate, not inviting at all and doesn’t convey a come on in feeling at all when I drive by. I wonder how they got approval from the BAR for that but I’m curious to try the menu out cause Gil always has cool stuff happening.

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