Marsha the Rockin Chair

About 7 years ago, the amazing Carol Antman called and asked if I would be one of a several artists asked to take a plain white rocking chair and make it into something. Well, as soon as she asked mind went: “A Rockin Chair!” So there you go. The first true Rockin Chair. Blame it on the first season of American Chopper. I was watching that show and was just fascinated with the way they formed metal. The show isn’t that good now because they have all the metal bending machines and stuff. So anyway, watching those guys old school a chopper invigorated me. I put on Wilcos, new album(at the time): yankee hotel foxtrot, and listened to it over and over until the chair was finished. It took me a month and that included scrounging materials, going to work everyday and general life. Of course, it was auctioned off to help raise money for an art education at Creative Spark. The mother of a kid at Creative Spark saw it before the auction and went bananas for it. She bought it for $300. Not bad for a $50 chair. Rock on.

3quarter back1-detail back1 front1-detail front1 side1 side2