Maddy & Britton

maddy-&-brittonProud as hell or proud as an uncle can be. My niece, Maddy Lynch and her awesome fiancee, Britton, asked me if i could design their wedding invitations. That made me proud right there. anyway, i did it, the great sideshow press printed it- thanks virginia – and now they are off into the mail! no turning back now lovebirds. all my nieces and nephews are getting married these days, and i am proud that i can contribute and that they want their old uncle to help out. love you guys. can’t wait to make a toast. peace and love, peace and love.

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  1. Mr. GIL! I just now saw this, and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you did. The invitations turned out AMAZING, and everyone told us how much they loved them. Can’t wait to see you for the wedding!!

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