junkin on thanksgiving weekend

on this past weekend, people gave thanks and then some went shopping in those bigass stores buying new shit they dont need. well saturday, robin, nick and i went junkin for old shit we dont need: the best kind. and usually, with a little coaxing, i can get that price down to where it should be–or just take photos–which is mainly what i did. i did buy that classic lowell george album–score!! robin got a sweet set of some vintage ’50’s diner coffee cups–the short ones–they fit in our espresso machine. oh, and i also bought that space silkscreened glass. i love those things. my tragic flaw. anyway, this holiday season, give the gift of junk: it’s classic, still around (made in the usa), a form of recycling and then find out who your real friends are.

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  1. we were heading to the upstate of sc and took the back roads through little mountain / chapin area. great junk stores all over there. get out there krista and do some some sifting! right on!!

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