“immerse yourself in the knowledge of all things.”

get ready yall, in the next few weeks there will be an onslaught of gsgd self promotion to try and bring people to our first 27 year retrospective! hell yeah, 27 years and still digging deep for fresh new ideas every freakin day! we are getting our merch on too. so when you come to the show, bring some cash, we will have some cool schwagg for everyone.

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  1. Woohoooo! Congratulations Gil (Tina, and all!). I’ll look forward to the show. I remember the interview you gave me when I was fresh out of college….you continue to inspire.

    • man oh man. great to hear from you leslie! yea, goin though all this stuff brings a tear to my eye. once the show is up, i’ll post photos.

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