Husk Restaurant

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The New York Times called Husk Restaurant “the most important restaurant in the history of Southern cooking”. Pretty big shoes to fill but they can. David Howard, Melany Mullens and Chef Sean Brock came to us with the farm to table concept with a twist: only southern purveyors, everything produced from the south ONLY. Well, since opening Sean and the whole Husk team has gotten only rave reviews and packed houses. Working with David Howard, head of the Neighborhood Dining Group has been awesome. David is a straight shooter and wants nothing but the best in a reasonable and timely manner. No BS. We love that. Melany represents NDG’s PR firm, Wagstaff International in NY. We have worked with Melany on many projects and is a pleasure to collaborate with. Her publicity has been nothing short of outstanding. And Chef Sean Brocks’ passion for Southern food invigorated us to create an identity that fuels the importance of local farmers and their hardwork and perseverance. Buff Ross was our producer for the website. Buff is not only a connisseur of fine music (we run into each other at shows all over the place) but also a webmaster.  Husk is up for Best New Restaurant from the James Beard Foundation!