Heading to Reykjavik

I will be out all next week at Oddi Printing in Reykjavik, Iceland, proofing the printing of Cool Inside: Hank’s Seafood RestaurantMark and i have been putting the finishing touches on this monster of a book. We are really proud to have designed, art directed and just plain overseen the production of this comprehensive history and cookbook for the great Hank’s Seafood Restaurant here in Charleston. Big thanks to Tina Garrett (keeping the balls in the air), Melissa Bigner, Frank Edwards, Brys Stevens, Pete Wyrick and of course Chef “Frankie” McMahon and king daddy Hank Holliday. It has been fun and rewarding to work with all these folks.Now comes the printing and i will be there to make sure my viking friends do a stupendous job. i plan on posting from iceland, so check in next week. g

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