he came, he saw, he conquered. hell yeah!

my buddy aaron draplin of the ddc fame came to town yesterday to tell all us design geeks tall tales of his life out west. a great presentation, very sincere, insightful, funny, educational, dirty (a little), touching, historical, and refreshingly honest. mark and i made some giant field notes for the event. we didn’t have time to make giant pencils but if anyone has a connect for some, lemme know. aaron you are the shit! thanks for coming all this way and i enjoyed shooting the shit about music, art, history, well everything! you’re the best. see you soon…can you say brimfield? (sorry my shirt is glowing, freaky huh?)

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  1. Aaron killed it. We just happened to be in town…couldn’t have picked a better week to be there though. Thanks for making it happen Gil.

  2. thanks kevin. he did kill it. gene crawford and all the cats at aiga-sc really put it together, i just helped. thanks for coming!

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