great gifts

gil-gifts-1.0man, things have been busy around GSGD lately! tryin to keep up — a great thing. anyway, i wanted to share some gifts i received over the holidays. my daughter, tillye, (theduckduck), gave me. over the years i have always given, to my wife and kids, funky, weird, antique/junk store/garage sale items. the older and funkier the better. it has rubbed off on them. tillye found these particular items in different places. the “camp knife” is classic. i carry it with me now. those tonka trucks are some of the exact ones i had as a youngster –love them–and brings back fond, dirt covered memories. the old “promotional item” pencils are really rare. look at them closely and i think you can see how they work. the top one is for a company that removes dead stock –cool as shit! and the other is a christmas promotion for some savings and loan with the ten commandments printied on the outside! wow. some things never change. as i remember to shoot photos of my gifts, i will post them, so check back. thanks tillye!

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