Explosion: Shovels & Rope / Bill Carson set charleston ablaze

firecrackers-artif you missed the S&R show last night, i’m sorry. it was a special night. my friend, bill carson opened the show with a stellar set of originals. Bill is huge! huge as in hugely talented. bill asked if i would create a poster for the show — i cant say no to bill. it’s a 3 color silkscreen. i dont know if he sold them all, so if you are interested in one, contact bill, he can hook you up! thanks bro. then cary ann and michael came out and rocked the house. and thanks s&r, for the shout out for the poster and playing that song. fuckin nice! you guys are the best!it was a great night and i got to spend it with my best friend in the world, my amazing wife robin, our muse, sean sullivan and the great david boatwright. good times!!

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