Equiscript helps safety net providers grow their 340B pharmacy business to further their mission of providing great care in their communities.” Understand? Of course not. Equiscript is a new business that is complicated. Old friend, Mike Burkhold and the great Equiscript crew came to us to create and build their brand. We immediately knew that their mark needed to be simple, memorable and give the viewer an idea that they are associated with pharmaceuticals. We have been working vigorously with them on developing the brand and its message through a new website, explanation diagram, powerpoint presentations, tradeshow booth, direct mail and all company their literature. Mike and the guys at Equiscript understand the need for clear and concise messaging, as well as how good graphic design supports and builds on that. This is a work in progress so we’ll be adding to this section. Good friend and collaborator Buff Ross is completing the website. Stay tuned.