Day 3 – on press in iceland

Day 3 and the weather is calming down a little bit. iceland hasn’t had this much snow in 20 years. today it is supposed to be clearing later, warming up, then raining. i always bring a raincoat with me. anyway, the printing is going well. yesterday and last night the wind and snow was blowing so hard we had flickering power outages which caused us to have to shut down early, so i was back in my hotel room by 10 pm. early night. i was able to go to the english pub across the street and hear an icelandic guitar player do some johnny cash. interesting. the pics here are in this order: my hotel, my daily taxi ride to Oddi, a stack of our paper, axel the viking, and a press sheet and proofs. notice the clear little foot hanging from the rearview mirror in the taxi. a baby yeti trophy?

the hotel borg, reykjavik, icelandmy daily taxi rideour paperpress sheets & proofaxel-night shift press viking

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  1. baby yeti killers! terrible. desperate times, i suppose. good luck with the power and if you can’t print, stay warm! ready to see the hank’s logo or frankie’s likeness in snow sculpture…

    book’s looking pretty! bet the vikings are getting hungry off the photos…watch out

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