Day 2 – on press in iceland

hey yall. big shout out from reykjavik, iceland. i am here at Oddi Printing on the second day of a week long press check. it is cold and snowing with not much day light but that doesn’t matter because i am in the plant from 8am til 11pm, press checking my ass off. i have set up (see photo with laptop) my mobile command station so i can work on jobs from back home as well as post while i am here. since i have been here before, i am familiar with my viking friends who run the big heidelbergs: axel and inky. they are doing an incredible job of matching our proofs and going the extra kilometer. the book we are printing is called “Cool Inside: Hanks’ Seafood Restaurant. A coffee table/recipe book on the history, food and personalities that have gone into this legendary restaurant. stay tuned as i will try and post some pics that are little more interesting. maybe my breakfast…

Oddi HQmy mobile unitThe big heidelbergapproved press sheetspress sheet detailpress sheet detail 2

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