David Boatwright & Colin Quashie: Two shows, same night.

Man is friday, april 6 a busy day. not only is it good friday but also passover, which means the bitter herb and gifilte fish together at last! the best thing that is happening in charleston on april 6 is art openings by two of my poker buddies, david boatwright and colin quashie. these are two preeminent local artist that i have been proud to know since before the computer revolution. do things by hand, when men were men, sorry, i digress. these two art shows will be special–both totally different but similar in the passion these two cats have for creating art. boatwright at city gallery and quashie at redux. go to these shows!! you don’t have to go to the openings because they will be up for a month, but just don’t miss them. a sight for sore eyes. trust me. hell yeah!!!

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