Charleston City Market 2011

When Hank Holliday called us about helping develop the signage for the renovation of the southern most shed in the Charleston City Market we were thrilled. Not only because this is our city and we love it so, but because we would be working with a team of professionals that we have known and really enjoy working with. Glenn Keyes Architects were the lead team (in charge of the shed renovation and overall project), Dan Sweeney (stumphouse) designed the vendors spaces and we contracted Brooks Sign Company to fabricate and install all the signs. Our task was to create a certain look that reflected the 18th century space and had continuity but we also had to work with each individual vendors logo, whether they had one or not. This entailed designing each sign, getting approval from the vendor, then city approval, then budget approval. This all had to be done for the opening of the shed on a specific date. Roughly six months from conception to the opening. The final product reflects a true collaboration on all parts. Since opening this past summer, all vendors have exceeded all their expectations for success. Good job yall.

bbq-1 c&b chas-angler-1 chas-hat-man chas-shoe-2 chas-sweet-2 chuma-1 city-market-etched city-market corner-1