Charleston Ballet Theatre 2012-13 season

my good friend, oneal “bear” compton asked me a while back if i would be willing to do the charleston ballet theatres‘ upcoming season posters. honestly, ballet is not my mug of beer, but i do appreciate the artistry and the physical work that goes into that type of performance. CBT has always used photos to advertise for their shows and i wanted to go the opposite direction on all counts. simplicity was my drving force and fortunately the shows they are performing this season are great visually. with that, he let me go and what you see here is the finished product(s). i also created the CBT script for a real cohesive season. i think they are producing tshirts for each performance as well. so for all you redneck friends of mine, take a chance on some ballet, it’ll be good for you.

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  3. Normally I delete bulk emails instantly, BUT when I saw your posters on the CBT email, it made me stop and read.
    Seriously your CBT posters are BRILLIANT. So simple, bold and compelling. Love that you brought a fresh perspective to their designs and I’m betting the t-shirts and posters will sell like hot-cakes. Well done!
    P.S. If you’re selling the posters I’d love to buy them!

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  8. I came across these posters today after searching for ballet posters online. Fantastic work! The BIG question is are they available to buy? Would love to get the Dracula one as a gift for someone special.
    Best of luck with all your work.

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