Bulls Bay Historic Passage

BB-web-post-1.0BB-web-post-2.0Proud as hell of this one. we were fortunate to have been chosen by the some important folks up north ways of mount pleasant to name and develop an identity for the amazing stretch of land from awendaw, sc to south santee river. this includes the pristine bulls bay as well as the francis marion forest. this is all a work in progress and will slowly be rolled out as funds become available. this area, the bulls bay historic passage, is one of the most historic, beautiful and untouched in all the world. the purpose was to establish the boundaries and brand it for preservation as well as economic development. thanks to all involved including the donelly foundation. take a kayak, boat or book the bulls isalnd ferry and see what you have been missing. go see what a dolphins’ breath smells like. also visit bullsbay.org and sign up for more info or membership.

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