Bulls Bay Historic Passage

Bulls-Bay-Historic-Passage-primary-logo Bulls-Bay-Historic-Passage-identification-signage Bull-Bay-Histoic-passage-logo Bulls-Bay-Historic-Passage-icons-1.0 Bulls-Bay-Historic-Passage-Icons Bulls-Bay-Historic-Passage-web-siteA group of residents from Awendaw, SC came to us with a vision for the pristine area from Mt. Pleasant, SC to the South Santee River. Supported by the Donnelly Foundation, they realized that they need to brand this amazingly beautiful area in order to protect it, boost the economy (most residents families date back to the early 1700’s) and generate interest in Bulls Bay, one of the rarest natural resources on this earth of ours. Being a lifelong resident of South Carolina, i understood the historic and environmental importance of this passageway. We were charged with creating a name for this stretch of land as well as the primary logo/mark and secondary logos/marks to be used as they began the process of branding this invaluble stretch of land and sea. We had a large commitee to satisfy and welcomed input from the locals. Fortunately, they all got on board and were helpful in seeing this to fruition. Very proud.