Awendaw Green

My friend Eddie White and a group of friends started Awendaw Green with the idea of growing the local music scene. Just over 3 years old and they have done just that. Eddie asked if i could help him with his identity and art for his events. Nobody can say no to Eddie. I you check out the Barn Jam section within this site you will see all the poster we produce weekly for Awendaw Greens’ Weekly Barn Jam. We love Eddie and everybody associated with this venture. Great folks, great music.

Below is how they describe AG on their website:

Founded by a group of music philanthropists, the vision of Awendaw Green is to network local artists and bands with each other, music enthusiasts and fans. A laid-back venue in a laid-back town, it may just be the coolest music venue in the Lowcountry. A low-key and friendly environment, the concerts occur in an old barn with a professional sound technician and equipment. Bonfires, food, music, friends, networking, an old barn, even canoeing…how could it get any better?