Aggie Zed – Keeper’s Keep at the Halsey

aggie zed - keeper's keep art booktonight at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is the opening of Aggie Zed – Keeper’s Keep. An amazing artist, Aggie grew up on Sullivan’s Island and produces work that is beautiful, intriguing, unusual and thought provoking. we are proud to have been asked to design the book/catalog for the show by our good friend mark sloan, director of the halsey. At 110 pages, this book showcases aggies work from painting to sculpture. please try to make the opening, but if not, the show will be up for a while. check out the video. music by bill carson and directed by john reynolds. don’t miss it!

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  1. Hi there,

    Im enquiring about the book Keeper’s Keep for Aggie Zed’s show.
    I’m a student at the school of art in Canberra, and stumbled upon Aggie Zeds work while researching and feel in love with her work.

    Is there any way to buy one of these book over the internet?

    Thanks Janet

    • hey janet,
      yes there is. contact the halsey institute of contemporary art: (843)953-7891 and they will be glad to sell you a book.
      thanks for visiting my site!

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