AFFA is the Alliance For Full Acceptance–a social justice organization achieving equality and acceptance for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. These folks have a big job ahead of them and they asked us if we could help with a billboard campaign. We said yes immediately. Our great friend and ace copywriter, Jenny Badman, is on the board and collaborated with us on this great project.  Mark, Tina and I brainstormed on this serious but sensitive subject to come up with an idea that was directed toward the fence straddlers.  The ones that aren’t sure. We needed a quick read that was thought provoking but visually interesting too. And didn’t want to mention gay, lesbian or any sexual preference in the boards because people (especially in the south) will dismiss it right away. so we took the “choice” approach. These were also turned into PSA’s on their website.

breathe human tall-board