About Us

Gil Shuler. Native South Carolinian. Been drawing all my life and still drawing all the time. Raised on a farm by hardworking parents who instilled in me that hard work, good craftsmanship and strong relationships make life meaningful. GSGD is a graphic design company. We make art for commercial purposes. Branding, research, strategic thinking, fun, interesting, conceptual, strong. Great design adds dimension to our lives and inspires actions and reactions. Always interesting. Never boring.  gil@gsgd.com








Tina Garrett. The resident client and art wrangler, community leader and volunteer – guess that means I’m the suit.  Optimistic, very competitive and think life is usually pretty funny.  Rabid Steelers fan, fair cook and love my daughters all of the time and like them most of the time. Camera shy with a very sordid past.  tina@gsgd.com



Mark Lawrence, senior designer, master of the silkscreen, conqueror of anything complex, husband and father. Been working at GSGD for 100 years now and I have seen the advent of the car, TV, phone as well as electricity. I am a highlander, there can be only one!  mark@gsgd.com



J Bush. J started out as an intern and we just enjoyed his company so we hired him. Young, talented designer, sports fan and avid surfer who has actually been attacked by a shark. He survived with a few stitches, nothin serious but a great story.  jay@gsgd.com



Noodle the Poodle. Currently our most famous mascot and watchdog. She loves fishing, running, eating fish, eating live fish, riding in the boat, reading and watching Stranger Things.




Sammy and Stella. i miss the hell out of you guys. love you always.