day 5 – the end of the run

iIt’s 7am, icelandic time and i have been in my little room at Oddi 24hrs now. pulled an allnighter. we had 18 more forms to finish so Oddi brought in another pressman to work through the night, Sven, and he did a great job. a ittle adjustment here and there but basically right on. my plane leaves today at 5pm so i will see the final forms this morning when Ingi comes in. below is a beautiful photo of reykjavik by my friend grimur kolbeinsson (a fellow golfer, photographer and Oddi man) and a sample of the hardcover of the book. i probably won’t post again until next week(unless something interesting on my travels home pops up). the icelandic people i have met this time and the old friends(thank you diana and marteinn) from before have always been gracious, fun, open and willing to laugh at a southern boys jokes(maybe it’ just the accent). so lets give the icelandic toast:

Our land of lakes forever fair
below blue mountain summits,
of swans, of salmon leaping where
the silver water plummets,
of glaciers swelling broad and bare
above earth’s fiery sinews —
the Lord pour out his largess there
as long as earth continues!

cheers everybody, see you soon. g

photo by Grimur Kolbeinsson ©2011

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